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Corporate Profile

Valuetronics is an integrated electronics manufacturing services (EMS) provider, offering a competitive and broad combination of Design, Engineering, and Manufacturing services.

Valuetronics specializes in Original Equiment Manufacturing (OEM) services including PCBA assembly, and Box-Build Assembly, as well as Original Design Manufacturing (ODM) services. These services are supported by proven engineering expertise and experience and reliable testing capabilities.

Daya Bay FactoryValuetronics is headquartered in Hong Kong, and our design and engineering center and manufacturing facility are strategically located in the Guangdong Province, People's Republic of China near Shenzhen and Hong Kong.

Valuetronics takes pride in an excellent track record of quality and service, exemplified by a diversified customer base. We serve the requirements of internationally renowned multinational and mid-size companies in the telecommunications, industrial, commercial and consumer fields. Our customer base is continually growing and spans a wide geographical region including North America, Europe and the Asia pacific region.

We build enduring relationships.

Since our company’s founding in 1992, Valuetronics has been committed to building and fostering long-term strategic relationships with our customers. Valuetronics earns the trust and confidence of customers with exceptional reliability and dedication to delivering quality products and value-added services on a timely basis.

Microscope OperatorsValuetronics supports customers through dedicated cross-functional teams which comprise members from the marketing, engineering, materials procurement, production and quality assurance departments.

Each team strives to operate as a value-added partner contributing ideas, suggestions and innovative solutions to customers. We believe our expertise and experience can help improve products in terms of enhanced features, better manufacturability, lower product cost and shorter time to market.

As part of our value-added equation, Valuetronics’ quality systems meet the requirements of international standards such as ISO9001:2000, TL9000 and ISO14001:2004.

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