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  • Computer Monitors2006: Valuetronics Holdings Limited incorporated as ultimate holding company
  • 2004: Honor Tone obtained ISO14001:1996 certification
  • 2003: Honor Tone implemented SAP MRP system
  • 2003: Honor Tone was accredited with ISO 9001-2000
  • 2002: Honor Tone was accredited with TL9000 certification. Honor Tone implemented lead-free manufacturing processes.
  • 2000: Honor Tone Elecronic (Hui Yang) Enterprise Ltd was established as a Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise ( "WFOE") in the P.R.C.
  • 1998: Honor Tone began to offer Design & Development services in addition to manufacturing services.
  • 1996: Honor Tone enhanced its PCB Assembly capabilities with COB (wire bonding) and SMT technologies
  • 1995: Honor Tone was accredited with the ISO9002-1994 certification
  • 1994: Honor Tone relocates its manufacturing facility to its current location
  • 1992: Business inception following the incorporation of Honor Tone Limited ( "Honor Tone") in Hong Kong with manufacturing facility in Dan Shui town, Hui Yang District, Guangdong Province, P.R.C near Hong Kong
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