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2019/05/29 Media Release - Valuetronics' FY2019 net profit decreased by 2.6% to HK$199.5 million and proposes dividends of 20 HK cents per share
2019/02/12 Media Release - Valuetronics' Q3FY2019 Net Profit rose to HK$59.7 million


2018/11/12 Media Release - Valuetronics declares Interim Dividend of 5 HK cents per share for 1HFY2019
2018/08/14 Media Release - Valuetronics' Q1FY2019 Net Profit grew by 1.9% to HK$49.7 million
2018/05/25 Media Release - Valuetronics' FY2018 net profit up 32.9% to HK$204.7 million with 35.0% increase in full year dividends
2018/02/09 Media Release - Valuetronics' Q3FY2018 net profit rose 35.7% to HK$58.2 million


2017/11/09 Media Release - Valuetronics' Q2FY2018 results hit record high as net profit rose 33.5% to HK$50.8 million
2017/08/11 Media Release - Valuetronics' Q1FY2018 net profit rose 64.8% to HK$48.7 million
2017/05/25 Media Release - Valuetronics' FY2017 net profit rose 27.9% to HK$154.1 million
2017/02/10 Media Release - Valuetronics' Q3FY2017 rises 70.2% to HK$42.9 million
2017/02/10 Media Release - Valuetronics' Q3FY2017 net profit attributable to shareholders rises 70.2% to HK$42.9 million


2016/11/04 Media Release - Valuetronics' Q2FY2017 net profit attributable to shareholders rises 18% to HK$38.1 million
2016/08/12 Media Release - Valuetronics' Q1FY2017 net profit hits HK$29.6 million as industrial and commercial electronics segment continues growth momentum
2016/05/25 Media Release - Valuetronics' FY2016 net profit hits at HK$120.4 million and proposes a total dividend of 20 HK cents per share
2016/02/03 Media Release - Valuetronics no longer dependent on mass market LED light bulbs


2015/11/13 Media Release - Valuetronics' Q2FY2016 net profit dips slightly to HK$32.2 million
2015/08/14 Media Release - Valuetronics Q1FY2016 net profit hists HK$33.5 million
2015/05/26 Media Release - Valuetronics' FY2015 net profit rose 0.9% to HK$149.2 million
2015/02/10 Media Release - Valuetronics' Q3FY2015 net profit up 10.3% to hit HK$39.2 million


2014/11/05 Media Release - Valuetronics' Q2FY2015 net profit hits HK$36.3 million
2014/08/12 Media Release - Valuetronics' Q1FY2015 net profit up 1.8% to reach HK$33.9 million
2014/05/28 Media Release - Valuetronics' FY2014 net profit up 88% to reach HK$147.9 million and announces dividend policy
2014/02/11 Media Release - Valuetronics' Q3FY2014 net profit up 45.0% to hit HK$35.5 million


2013/11/08 Media Release - Valuetronics' Q2FY2014 net profit up 1,097.6% to reach HK$39.6 million
2013/08/13 Media Release - Valuetronics' Q1FY2014 net profit up 29.3% to HK$33.3 million
2013/05/23 Press Release: Valuetronics proposes dividend of HK 8 cents per ordinary share for FY2013
2013/02/05 Press Release: Valuetronics sees demand increase in industrial and commercial electronics segment as consumer electronics segment softens in 3QFY2013


2012/05/25 Press Release: Valuetronics' FY2012 Revenue Rose 20.7% and Crossed the HK$2 Billion Mark
2012/02/17 Media Release - Valuetronics' Whirlpool portable air purifier ranked #1 in US Consumer Reports magazine for the second time
2012/02/03 Press Release: Valuetronics maintains strong profitability in 3Q FY2012 despite global economic slowdown


2011/11/08 Press Release: Valuetronics registers revenue growth across all business segments in 1H FY2012
2011/08/12 Press Release: Valuetronics' Net Profit rose 9.5% to HK$31.6 million for 1Q FY2012
2011/05/24 Press Release: Valuetronics FY2011 net profit jumped 106.3% to HK$121.2 million
2011/01/25 Press Release: Valuetronics 3Q FY2011 net profit jumped 133.8% to HK$31.6 million


2010/11/12 Media Release: Valuetronics 2Q FY2011 net profit soars 82.9% to HK$32.7 million
2010/11/03 Media Release-Valuetronics setting up Anhui subsidiary to explore tapping labour supply of inner province
2010/10/11 Media Release-Valuetronics acquires license to use Whirlpool and Amana brands for portable electric fans and portable heaters in the North American Market
2010/09/09 Valuetronics boosts its brand licensing business with key personel hires
2010/08/13 Valuetronics achieves a five-fold jump in net profit after tax for 1QFY2011 financial statement and related announcement
2010/08/11 Valuetronics' Portable Air Purifier under Whirlpool Brand Rated Highest in US Consumer Reports Magazine
2010/05/18 Press Release: Valuetronics' FY2010 Net Profit Grew 10.8% to HK$58.8 million
2010/03/25 Press Release: Valuetronics covers whole value chain with license to use Whirlpool, Maytag and Amana Brands for air purifier appliance in North American Market
2010/02/09 Valuetronics Benefits from Customer Restocking Activities Continuing in Third Quarter as Net Profit After Tax


2009/11/09 Press Release: Valuetronics records net profit of HK$23.3 million for first half FY2010 despite challenging conditions
2009/08/11 Press Release: Valuetonics posts net profit of HK$5.4 million for first quarter FY2010
2009/05/25 Press Release: Valuetronics Report FY2009 Net Earnings of HK$53.1 Million and Proposes Divdend of HK4.5 Cents per Ordinary Share
2009/04/23 Media Release-pictorial tour of Daya Bay
2009/04/21 Profit Guidance For Financial Year Ended 31 March 2009
2009/03/30 Media Release - Valuetronic Proposes Strategic Acquisition of In Vitro Diagnostic Medical Equipment Manufacturer
2009/02/13 Media Release - Valuetronics' Revenue Rose 17.9% to HK$800.8 Million for Nine Months FY2009


2008/11/10 Media Release - Valuetronics Revenue Grew 25.7% to HK$552.9 Million for First Half FY2009
2008/08/11 Media Release - Valuetronics Net Profit Up 4.8% to HK$21.0 Million for First Quarter FY2009
2008/06/18 Business Update - Resumption of Operations at Danshui Plant
2008/06/16 Business Update - Effects of Flooding in Southern China on Danshui Plant
2008/05/26 Media Release - Valuetronics Achieves 22.0% Growth in Net Earnings to HK$90.5M for FY2008
2008/01/30 Media Release - Valuetronics Records Healthy Net Earnings Growth of 17.0% to HK$70.8M for 9MFY2008


2007/11/13 Media Release - Valuetronics Registers Net Earnings Growth of 34.2% to HK$29.2 Million in 2QFY2008
2007/08/08 Media Release - Valuetronics Reports Steady Bottomline Growth of 13% to HK$20 Million in 1QFY2008
2007/05/22 Media Release - Valuetronics Records Impressive Earnings Growth of 26.4% Year on Year to HK$74.2 Million for FY2007
2007/04/16 Media Release - Valuetronics to Enter Medical Product Market with ISO 13485:2003 Certification
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